About Us

We established Coherent Investments with a focus on the needs of entrepreneurs and the challenges they face in the early stages of developing their company. Our experience in building and positioning companies from their beginnings gives us a unique vantage point when undergoing the necessary changes to grow a company. Because of this, we’ve set ourselves apart from traditional investors by filling in the gaps for start ups to help build their value faster.

Our approach begins with a company’s technical and management team, their idea, and the market they intend to serve. We’re entrepreneurs at heart; our enjoyment comes from participating alongside the team in developing the framework of the company, struggling with the founders as they navigate the landscape of potential pitfalls and opportunities, and ultimately celebrating their success.

CI is comprised of industry professionals with successful track records in building and transitioning technology businesses across a number of industries. Each has participated in every stage of a company’s growth, from inception to multi-billion-dollar public enterprises. In addition, we tap the expertise of highly experienced and well-connected technologists and business people to supplement our resident team.

The CI team doesn’t just help build companies and guide their strategies; we roll up our sleeves, provide day-to-day input to management and assist in addressing the challenges of developing a business. In the end, we achieve the best long-term value possible. Together, the investment team looks for unproven ideas that hold great potential. The company closed its first investment in May 2007.

We’re entrepreneurs at heart; our enjoyment comes from participating alongside the team.